Revolutionise your people’s futures

By giving them the power to lead on their own development.

At WiseAmigo, we know the world of work’s more complicated than it’s ever been. But it doesn’t need to be. Your people know what they want out of development. The skills they want to build. The knowledge they want to gain. Even the career path they want to take. Often, their ambitions match what you want, too.

So, what if you could create a culture that actively encouraged them to achieve their personal goals, while helping you to achieve your organisational ones?

WiseAmigo helps you do just that.

Why WiseAmigo?

Using WiseAmigo gives your people control over their own development. For them, it’s a way of putting their future in their hands. For your managers, it creates more positive, engaged and productive teams. And for your organisation, it lays the foundations for a culture based on progress, achievement and development.

A culture where your people know what their growth potential is, where they want to take their career and how they can get there.

Make development simple and effective

Invest in WiseAmigo Premium and it makes development easy for your people. We’re the app that’s a Developmental Friend in their Pocket. Offering access to easy-to-use tools. Engaging content. A global community of people. All to help them achieve their potential.

Put development in your people’s hands

With WiseAmigo, you can give all your workforce ownership of their own growth. An empowering culture, now and for the future. It’s a practical, portable tool that sets them up for lasting success. And that’s a long-term benefit they’ll really appreciate.

Create more engaged and productive teams

With control over their own development, all your people feel more engaged and appreciated. For managers, WiseAmigo’s a valuable tool that helps people match their individual aims with team and business goals. It’s a win-win across the board.

Inspire your people’s growth at every level

Open the door to a world of development for them to take advantage of

‘I haven’t been working long. So, WiseAmigo helps me to see what areas I need to develop – and just to survive!’

For new starters, WiseAmigo opens up all kinds of possibilities. As the Developmental Friend in their Pocket, it shows you mean business when it comes to their future. They can use it to spot their strengths. Get constructive feedback. Or simply as an inspiration to build on their skills.

‘After a few years in the job, I’m using WiseAmigo to shape my development and take me to the next level.’

WiseAmigo helps your people to keep their development front of mind. It encourages them to build and share their plans. To recognise the areas they need to develop. And identify how to strengthen them. In short, it makes it easier for you to manage and retain the future talent your organisation needs.

‘I often use WiseAmigo to get feedback on my style.’

We’ve designed the app so your people can get answers to their questions from the global WiseAmigo community. They can even be rated on elements of their performance. So, no matter what level they’re at, they get measurable, unbiased 360-degree feedback. Which goes a long way to supporting their learning and development.

A benefit that works for everyone

And opens the route to a lifetime of learning and development.

‘We use WiseAmigo to get new hires up and running with their development. This makes our managers’ lives easier, too.’

WiseAmigo helps you get your people productive quickly and with no hassle. From how to network or get things done, to setting objectives, it works from day one. And this gives your managers more time to, well, manage. Because their teams are leading their own development. And WiseAmigo gives them a starting point for development conversations with their team.

‘We chose WiseAmigo so meaningful development was available to everyone, not just the leadership and potential top talent.’

It’s easy for some people to feel neglected when it comes to development. If they’re not seen as potential leaders, it can often pass them by. We believe everyone deserves the chance to develop. So WiseAmigo has been designed to take learning and development right across every organisation. How? By putting it in the hands of the individual.

What does your organisation get out of it? High level, anonymous data that helps you to see where your development strategy’s working. And a workforce that feels truly developed and appreciated.

‘WiseAmigo is helping us develop an adaptable people development strategy as our business changes.’

The gig economy. Zero hours contracts. The impact of disruptive technology. People are changing jobs more often – 51% of employees are looking at the next opening. The employment landscape’s very different to what it was even ten years ago. This means, as an employer, you want people prepared to lead their own learning and development. But, despite these changing times, employees expect development more than ever.

That’s where WiseAmigo fits in. It sits easily with your people processes. And it gives your people the ability to lead their own development. All in a way that suits your budget, without being tied to traditional learning management systems.

So, ready to find out more?

See how WiseAmigo can start adding value for you, today.

Cost effective to suit your needs.

We’ve packages to suit growing businesses and fully established workforces. Our technology means it’s easy to roll out with small teams or across entire organisations, quickly and safely.


Easy to set up and no tie-ins.

Hassle-free set-up that’s completely scalable. Your people simply login and we give them a premium account. Which opens the doors to a world of development.

If and when staff move on, individual development’s untouched. Users just move to free functionality.

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