Throw out the L&D rule book.

Welcome to WiseAmigo.

Engage your people with the development they really want.

The world of work is more complicated than it’s ever been. But when it comes to developing your people, it doesn’t need to be. Your people know what they want from development, and often their ambitions match what you want, too. More skills, more confidence, more productivity.

Our platform lets you and your employees grow together. We empower your people to take control of their development. And you get a more focused, engaged and capable workforce.

Offer WiseAmigo to all your people and unlock their potential.

Make development simple

From goal-setting to instant feedback, our easy-to-use tools and just the right amount of relevant content gets people excited about developing their skills.

Engage and foster trust 

By handing over control to your employees and empowering them to work on their development privately, you create a culture that encourages growth and success.

Breed confidence

With instant access to development on the go, everyone can feel more confident, capable and supported at work. You and your employees grow together.

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