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Here are five insights to boost your development journey. So from self awareness to the danger of biased information echo chambers, the following articles for May offer powerful insights to shift your development up a gear.

In a radical reassessment of how the mind works, Nick Chater— a leading behavioural scientist— argues the idea of a deep inner life is an illusion. There is no deep inner mind, just neurones, connections and repeated firing. But this is cause for celebration, Chater says, not despair. Continue reading on The Guardian»

Evidently, something has gone wrong with the flow of information. It’s not just that different people are drawing subtly different conclusions from the same evidence. It seems like different intellectual communities no longer share basic foundational beliefs. Maybe nobody cares about the truth anymore, as some have started to worry. Has political allegiance replaced basic reasoning skills? Maybe we’ve all become trapped in echo chambers of our own making – wrapping ourselves in an intellectually impenetrable layer of likeminded friends and web pages and social media feeds

First you don’t hear other views. Then you can’t trust them. Your personal information network entraps you just like a cult. Continue reading on Aeon »

Something has gone wrong with the internet. Even Mark Zuckerberg knows it. Testifying before Congress, the Facebook CEO ticked off a list of everything his platform has screwed up, from fake news and foreign meddling in the 2016 election to hate speech and data privacy. “We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility,” he confessed. Then he added the words that everyone was waiting for: “I’m sorry.”

It’s evident, even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. Here’s a breakdown of what went wrong— from the architects who built it. Continue reading on NY Mag»

So your attention determines the experiences you have. And your experiences determine the life you live. Instead of allowing distractions to derail you, choose where attention is directed at any given moment. Base this attention on an understanding of your priorities and goals.

To do this, you need to control external factors like technology (turn off that phone!) and the environment (keep those interrupting colleagues away!). Also, you need to learn to control internal factors: your behaviour and thoughts. Mastering attention management won’t eliminate all distractions from your day, but it’ll give you more control over how you spend your time. Continue reading on HBR»

Tense, highly-charged encounters between powerful figures, with a huge amount at stake and a clear winner and loser at the end. That’s what negotiations look like in the movies. Now banish those scenes from your mind. In today’s complex business world, you’re advised to follow these well-researched pointers to achieve the outcomes you want, more of the time.  Continue reading on London Business School »

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