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Here are five of the most popular insights on development shared by our community of Amigos from around the world! From radical transparency and building resilience to presentation literacy, the following articles offer powerful insights to inspire and fuel your development journey.

Illustration by Michelle Kendrick (via TED)

Does empathy make the world a better place? It certainly looks like it. After all, empathy drives people to treat others’ suffering as if it were their own, which then motivates action to make the suffering go away. While it may result in tremendous good, empathy can also be narrow, biased and surprisingly insensitive, argues psychology professor Paul Bloom. Continue reading on TED»

In most workplaces, criticising your boss is a great way to lose your job. At Bridgewater Associates, you can be fired for NOT criticizing your boss. WorkLife’s Adam Grant grills founder Ray Dalio and  employees to figure out how this kind of radical transparency works in real life. And how we can all get better at dishing it out (and taking it). Listen to Adam Grant’s podcast on iTunes»

Our technology-rich world has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. While on the one hand we have access to information or people anywhere at any time, on the other hand we find our attention constantly drawn by the rich, multisensory, technological environments. In this article, Adam Gazzaley & Larry D. Rosen explore distraction in the technology age. Continue reading on Nautilus»

Clinical psychologist Meg Jay (TED Talk: Why 30 is not the new 20) doesn’t like the idea of bouncing back from adversity. “People do not feel understood when someone says, ‘Wow, you really bounced back from that.’ They don’t feel seen in all of their complexity, in terms of how hard it can be,’” she says. Instead, Jay likes to describe resilience as a heroic struggle. “It’s really a battle, not a bounce,” she says. Resilience is an ongoing process that can last for years. Continue reading on TED »

Elon Musk being interviewed by Chris Anderson on the TED stage in 2015. Photo: James Duncan Davidson.

Stepping out onto a public stage and having hundreds of pairs of eyes turned your way is terrifying. You dread having to stand up in a company meeting and present your project. What if you get nervous and stumble over your words? What if you completely forget what you were going to say? But guess what? Almost everyone has experienced the fear of public speaking. TED curator Chris Anderson discusses the transformative power of speaking to an audience from the heart. Continue reading on TED »

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